W.J. Duke Mader


Confucius Said....
A Management Book for the 21st Century

This is a modern management book based on oriental philosphy that still holds strong after thousands of years.  It guides the reader in the 'way' to manage business and personal issues using time-tested solutions.

This book is a must-read for all who see the 'way' of leadership.

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   Can you play MacArthur Park?
  A romance novel

Jackie, Joe and Felix are the ideal threesome.  Working on the philosophy that everyone deserves to be happy,  Jackie takes her life to a surprising new level.  Joe and Felix get caught up in her need to barter sex.  This is a modern-day May/December love story. 

Also available on Kindle

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W.J. "Duke" Mader has writtern numerous poems.  His book will be coming out soon, but for now you can preview some of the poems on his photography site at:


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